Sudoku Unlimited app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 2779 ratings )
Games Arcade Puzzle
Developer: Phase2 Media
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.07, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 2.55 Mb

"Among several strong contenders, Sudoku Unlimited is the best entry..." - Josh Clark, --Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders--

Sudoku Unlimited is a clean, simple to use version of the classic puzzle game enjoyed by millions around the world. As sudoku-lovers (addicts) ourselves, we added the features that we personally couldnt live without:

- A puzzle generator that makes every puzzle instantly from scratch, so youll never run out of fresh challenges, regardless of your skill level.
- 4 gorgeous skins.
- 5 Difficulty settings, to accommodate players of every skill level.
- Offline play. No network connection needed, ever
- One-touch note filling.
- An intelligent hint system that shows you the next logical step.
-Automatically saves your progress when exiting the game or getting a phone call.
- Options to turn off sounds, animations, error display, in game timer and auto locking of the device.
- Option to switch the popup back and forth to a user-set level of transparency
- Draggable popup
- Scores sorted by best time instead of date
- Interface localization
- Ability to enlarge the popup, for easier number selection
- By popular demand: A newspaper skin!

Pros and cons of Sudoku Unlimited app for iPhone and iPad

Sudoku Unlimited app good for

Sudoku Unlimited would have received a five star rating if it were for only one thing... size. Im a senior so Sudoku books have larger puzzles and thus are much easier to see. However with that said, I put on my readers and get hours of fun and challenging puzzle solving. Simply a great product and I would recommend it to an Sudoku fan. Big Bob - Puyallup WA
I heard about this from MacOsken, the Irish/Paklid Mac guy. It has a really nice look, and play is smooth. My only complaint is I cant add my own puzzles. I like the floating palette way better than numbers along the bottom that some other Sudoku apps use. This app is definitely worth the price!
I love this app.......and Mac OS Ken for hawking it on his show. Thanks to both Phase2 Media for advertising and Mac OS Ken for reviewing it. Save a tree and have the perfect game on your iPhone for those inevitable waits here there and everywhere!
Heard about this app on Mac OS Ken and even though I have never played sudoku, Im happy to support Ken and any company that supports his show.
To be quite honest, I know nothing about sudoku. Ive never played it. Im not particularly good with numbers. Heck, I had to look up how to spell sudoku. I bought this app as a way to thank the developer for supporting Mac OS Ken, a show I listen to on a daily basis. So, thank you: and, Ken, YOU ROCK!
Ok, look: I just personally hate Sudoku, sorry. But I bought Sudoku Unlimited because the developer has been generous enough to support the MacOSKen podcast. So thank you, Phase2, for entertaining the world (or most of it) and supporting a fantastic Mac podcast.

Some bad moments

I purchased after hearing MacOSKen podcast, and so far have spent most of my time not guessing at numbers but trying to tame the interface. First, the highlight/shadows make the squares difficult to read, particularly the teensy #s written with pencil. Second, even though Im updated to version 3 of Touch software, its very difficult to select numbers or the X. Sometimes I select number and get a whole row plus a couple other numbers on another row. Lots of times I have to press the X 3-4 times to get rid of it. Many times I have to try over and over to get rid of one. The time Ive spent trying to get the numbers to work predictably is ten times more than figuring out the puzzles. Dont want money back, just want it to work. My iPod otherwise works fine.
Run of the mill Sudoku game except the interface here is awful. It covers numbers from view when completing boxes, it forces you to highlight rows and columns when trying to enter a number, and the note vs entry interfaces are meager. Not worth the price. Find a different one.
This app was decent enough at first, but even the "most challenging" level was far too easy. I shouldnt be able to solve the hardest puzzles in under five minutes! Definitely not worth the money I spent on it. If youre looking for sudoku, this is NOT the app for you unless youre a total novice.
It just couldnt get installed on my Ipod. It asked for a the lattest software version, and my Ipod has it. I guess its only designed for Ipads and Macphones.
Ive had this app forever, Im disappointed that theres still no support for retina displays. I just upgraded from the 3GS to the 4S and I was expecting this app to look better. The last time it was updated was 2009. Its the best sudoku game on the App Store but it doesnt look like it.
This just plain does not work properly in iOS 7. Looks like it has been abandoned. Too bad. Was a great App.